International Mills

Over the years, The Belanger sourced fabrics from numerous mill that was spotted all around the world with partnerships to select mills.

We love to commit to working only with the mills that share our love for quality fabrics, sustainable production, accountability, and transparency.

Thomas Mason

Are you looking for a luxurious fabric with a touch of modern touch? If yes, then Thomas Mason is only for you. This iconic mill was founded in Lancashire, UK, and is now part of the Albini Group in Italy. Thomas Mason is synonymous with English tailoring which has been working over for 200 years and rolls out durable fabric with an innovative design. They use the best quality cotton, wool, hemp, and European linen.


Monti is a century-old, Italian Label that uses inventive weaves to create shirt fabrics for formal wear, casual wear, and sportswear. Monti’s style collection is comfortable, accessible, and sustainable that comes in different pastel colours of their dyed cotton yarn with less impact on the environment. If you have eyes on the premium quality fabrics in on-trend designs that will be your go-to dress-up from office to dinner dates.

SÖKTAŞ, Turkey

Soktas is the world’s best cotton with Turkish label designs fabrics that have a modern take on the classic styles with seasonal collections and have a new design, pattern, and palette. These fabrics are made to support high function with slow-moving fashion. These collections are made stain and moisture-resistant. Our socks and shirts are made with little batches of fabrics that will always be in trend. If you are looking for a crisp white shirt then Soktas shirt will be your good to go for the minimal functions.

Mills In Japan

The Belanger source fabric from selected mills in Japan that use traditional dyeing weaving techniques. They are mastered in the art of creating top-tier brushed fabrics such as denim, and flannels which provide warmness and a fuzzy feeling to the customers. Our Japanese shirts are made with love and soft-as-butter fabrics. If you are looking for comfortable, durable, and versatile fabrics that will be easy to have on then this Japanese shirt will be your go-to option.

Somelos, Portugal

This Spanish mill of fabrics was founded in Portugal in 1958. With prior textile experience, somelos is known for its exceptional quality in cotton fabrics. Somelos focuses on creating innovative fabrics using advanced technology. If you are looking for casual shirts with strips or diverse checks on them then it is for you to wear on a day out or just casually.

Luthai, China

Luthai is a heritage mill from China that owns the largest production base of high-grade yarn-dyed shirt fabrics. Luthai is known for the most diverse varieties of weaves. Luthai uses advanced technology to craft a piece of fabric and make a product. The Belanger love Luthai because they provide 100% yarn-dyed cotton fabrics. If you’re looking for exceptional quality cotton shirts in casual checks and strip designs then it is for you.

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